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Can cater to all needs!


Cash Bar - Everyone pays for their own drinks.

Tab Bar - This is where you put some money behind the bar. When the tab runs out, it will change to a cash bar. This is a nice way of treating your guests to a couple of drinks each without footing the whole bill.

Packages - These are perfect for the inbetween stage at weddings after the service and before the wedding breakfast. They can also be used for many other events. This is based on a maximum of two and a half hours - but of course we can be flexible. 

Bartending service - If you want to buy your own alcohol and want someone to serve your guests this would work perfectly for you. We just charge for our time, and the stuff we bring with us.

Pre-dinner cocktails - We charge per person, similar to a package deal but are able to come to your home and provide you a cocktail service before your dinner. 

Please contact us for more information and bespoke quotes.

Individual Drinks


Wedding Bells Package

G&T + Glass of Prosecco

£10.00 per guest


The Italian Job

G&T + Negroni + Campari Prosecco Spritz

£15.00 per guest.


The Sussex Package

G&T + Tom Collins + Grapefruit Sparkler a Sussex Sparkling Wine Cocktail

£17.00 per guest.


Brighton Special Package

Brighton G&T + Brighton Blighty Mojito + Stormy Morning a Sussex Sparkling Wine Cocktail

£20.00 per guest

Please contact us for more information, bespoke packages and quotes.



Sample Menus

For Weddings and Parties our prices vary depending on various different factors - number of guests, menu, length of time serving for.

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