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Mama Gin Legal Stuff!

(Terms and Conditions!)

Mama Gin ltd will:

Be the only providers of all alcoholic beverages and soft drinks at the event unless previously agreed otherwise.

We are fully licensed, however we will need to apply for temporary premises licenses for every event, which is subject to there being no reason for any such licence to be refused by the licensing authority. We require a minimum 10 days notice of bookings so that we can secure the license in good time.

Provide all the equipment needed for our service.

We will require:

 Sufficient access to the venue prior to the start of the event so that we can set up with sufficient time before the event. Also we will need enough time between the closing of the event and the time we have to leave the venue, so that we are able to dismantle and remove our equipment into waiting vehicles. If there is not anywhere for us to park so that we can unload and load up the necessary things we need then this will be liable to be taken out of the deposit. If there is no parking and we have to park illegally you will be liable for any fines or penalties.

We will need appropriate parking for our Citroen Hy Van. The van, when available, is used as our bar unless previously agreed otherwise. Therefore there cannot be any parking or space restrictions, which will prevent us from going ahead with event. We park at the hirers ris Under no circumstance will we park permanently in a loading bay or anywhere with the possibility of the vehicle getting towed, clamped, locked in or where we will be committing an endorsable offence. The driver will have the final say on any issue relating to parking, the safety of the vehicle or the safety of staff.

Where available we would require a 13amp mains power supply as you dont want to be listening to a little generator in the back ground. 

Glass hire is completely free of charge, but we do charge £2.00 per breakage or loss. We all love proper glasses however with outside events we have to use polycarbonate glasses. We don't want you or any of your guests ending up in A&E on your special day.

A deposit of half the cost of the event must be paid in full and cleared in our bank 21 days before the event. The latest we can take bookings is 6 days before the event and that deposit however obtaining the license is not guaranteed. The deposit secures the date and our time, we will not book in any work that may affect your event, and once the deposit has been received we will start all the proceedings to secure the license and to stock the event. If you have not paid the deposit your event is not secured and we may take other bookings on the day and time that you are looking for. The deposit will be applied to any unpaid invoices, before it is refunded. i.e if you have the other half to pay or if its a cash bar you have not reached the minimum spend. In the event that a licence for the event is refused by the licensing authority, and the event cannot go ahead as planned through no fault on the part of Mama Gin Ltd, if this occurs more than 21 days before the event, the deposit will be refunded minus the administration charge of £50.00. If the rejection occurs less than 21 days before the event the deposit will not be refunded. Once a deposit and all licenses have been obtained the following cancellation charges will apply - if you cancel the event 21 days or less before the event the deposit will be non refundable, but if it cancelled more than 21 days before the event there will be a charge of £150.00. These charges are due to our time that have gone into planning and also costs of licenses. 

Cash bar, Tab bar and Package deals

There's no event too small.  We can cater for events with as little as 10 guests (such as pre-dinner cocktails), prices vary for these events as we will tailor them to your requirements.

CASH BAR: In the bigger events with more than 50 guests we require a minimum spend of £1000.00 and for events over 100 guests we require a minimum spend of £1500.00, unless previously agreed otherwise. 

TAB BAR: Like the cash bar we required the same minimum spend, however is a nice way to treat your guests to couple of drinks but not foot the whole bill as after your money behind the bar runs out it turns into a cash bar. With this we require tab money half before the event half after the event.

Cash bars are the simplest of the three as your guests pay for their drinks If the minimum spend has not been met we will deduct it from your deposit and if that doesn’t cover the cost we will send you an invoice of the difference, which must be paid in full within three working days of the event.

PACKAGE DEALS: We can cater for any number of people and we will be there for a maximum of two and half hours, which is dependant on the number of guests unless previously agreed otherwise. Payment for these events must be received in full 10 days before the event. The deposit will be refunded after the event.  


These can be discussed and a price agreed. 

Any final invoice must be paid in full within three working days of any events.

Challenge 21 

We operate a strict challenge 21 policy at all of our events. If you look younger than 21, please don't be offended if we ask for proof of your age before we serve you. 

We do reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone who is intoxicated and do not condone any illegal activities at any of our events. If we do see something of the sort we will make the necessary authorities known. 

Let us make your day special